Refresh: The meetup for designers and front end developers

There are a lot of great meet-ups in Groningen like PyGrunn, SMC050, Groningen.rb, Drupal Noord and more. But meet-ups for designers and front-end developers are hard to find.

That’s why Ron van de Graaf and I organised several meet-ups for this group of people last year. Within each session we watched video conference talks including those of Aarron Walter and Mike Monteiro. This led the evening to natural and good discussions. During these first trial sessions we invited people from HackerOne, Spindle, Blixx, Concept7 and Studio Wolf. After a few drinks it was clear to us this meet-up needed a follow-up. That’s how Refresh was founded in the summer of 2015.

The goal of Refresh is to inspire each other and help us grow as designers and front-end developers. But the most important thing is to bring these people together. Because with different skills, specialties and insights the most beautiful collaborations and products can emerge.

To reach this goal we’re going to make a pattern for the meet-up. Once per two months on a Tuesday evening is the regular Refresh meet-up with talks, video talks, discussions and beer on a changing location in Groningen. Also there will be a sporadic Refresh Special meet-up once in a while. Think of little hackathons, BBQ, book evenings or something else. With these two types of sessions we hope to mix inspiration, knowledge and sociable evenings.

Tim started to tell this story in Amsterdam. It was received very well, especially by Roel van de Wal, owner of Unc Inc. This november they organised the first Refresh in Amsterdam.

Refresh is at the moment a closed meet-up, but that might change soon. Sign up via or and we’ll let you in when we’re ready. Nice to know: Refresh also has a Slack group to share experiences, knowledge and fun stuff.

— This post was originally written on the Studio Wolf blog.

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