This is the page which get regular updates about the things I'm doing right now.

Last update on 21th December 2018. The now page is inspired by Nownownow.


  • Setting up my small business as a landscape photographer, I started on the 1th of December 2018.
  • Starting a Youtube Channel about landscape photography, first video is about the inner critic.
  • Planning a photography book about a Dutch nature reserve.
  • Opened an Etsy shop where you can buy prints of my landschape photos.
  • Regularly posting landscape photos to Instagram.
  • Photographing the calendar of 2019 for 'het Groninger Landschap', you can buy prints.
  • I recently bought a Canon A2 printer, so if you want a print, just contact me.
  • Preparing photography trips to Scotland and New Zealand.
  • Photographer for 'het Groninger Landschap', check my latest work in a video.
  • Posting photos of our Small Münsterländer Nikki on Instagram, she is sweet, stubborn and enthusiastic!
  • Preparing the next hike with friends this summer in Austria. Watch a video of our hike in the Dolomites, Italy last year.
  • Photographing all 54 Dolmens (Hunebedden) in the Netherlands for an upcoming book.
  • Formerly owner of the design agency Studio Wolf together with Tim Sluis.

I’m currently interested in writing and speaking about

  • The art of seeing in landscape photography
  • Traveling as a landscape photographer
  • Starting a business in landscape photograhy

You can contact me at