Last update on 14th April 2017. The now page is inspired by Nownownow.

Current focus

  • Currently I’m a freelance designer and product owner setting up design systems for organisations.
  • Running a meetup called Refresh, it’s for designers and front-end developers.
  • Supporting Payt two days a week with a design system and css architecture for their web applications. Working on Location in Groningen.
  • Improving the design system of Voys in Groningen one day a week.
  • Taking photos of beautiful landscapes.
  • Preparing a photography trip to Iceland, organized by Thomas Heaton.
  • Photographing all 54 Dolmens (Hunebedden) in the Netherlands for an upcoming book.
  • Photographer for 'het Groninger Landschap'.
  • Formerly owner of the design agency Studio Wolf together with Tim Sluis.
  • Training and loving our Small Münsterländer Nikki, she is one year old.
  • Updating CSS framework Taiga Boilerplate so it will be completely component based with Nunjucks.
  • Preparing the next hike this summer in Austria. Read about the latest hike in Austria.
  • Writing about photography/other stuff.
  • Posting on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m currently interested in writing and speaking about

  • Design systems & pattern libraries
  • CSS Grid Layout
  • Design teams & business
  • Hiking & landscape photography
  • Photography gear

You can contact me at